Traditionally, AE has not had serious security threats. AE management is however on the alert to ensure that bush meat poaching does not escalate and trophy poaching remains insignificant in the ecosystem. The low security threats notwithstanding, the safety of wildlife, visitors and property remains an important management issue. To enhance security in the wildlife-tourism sector, KWS has adopted several strategies some of which have involved
expanding the intelligence network and anti-poaching operations to ensure that wildlife crime is prevented. Collaboration with the local communities, local security agents and Tanzanian wildlife authorities in intelligence gathering has been very helpful in bringing down wildlife crime. Involvement of Game Scouts in wildlife security, through the Amboseli Game Scouts Association, has complemented KWS security work immensely leading to improved wildlife security in the AE. These stakeholder collaborations will be strengthened through the Security programme. The Security Programme will be implemented through three objectives that focus on enhancing
security operations for the protection of AE’s wildlife resources, improving the effectiveness of resource protection, and enhancing security of visitors, staff, revenue and KWS assets. The key management actions include deploying adequate security staff to the AE, and equipping and training the security staff.

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