Ecosystem Operations

The Ecosystem Operations Programme is geared towards improving service delivery by KWS staff and conservation partners within and outside Amboseli National Park. The AE management challenges can only be achieved through a rationalized process that promotes active engagement and partnership between KWS, landowners and other key stakeholders in the ecosystem. The programme targets the stakeholders, AE staff, and management infrastructure. The management objectives designed to address operational challenges in the AE focus on strengthening institutional collaborations, improving AE Staff welfare and performance, and enhancing AE Management infrastructure. Key management actions that will be implemented under this programme include establishment of Amboseli Ecosystem Trust to facilitate implementation of the plan, rehabilitation of the Amboseli water supply system, and collaboration with AE stakeholders to connect key AE facilities to the Loitokitok-Kimana mains electricity grid, and construction and rehabilitation of residential and non-residential buildings.

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