Community Partnerships and Education

Three things stand out as key in conservation of wildlife in community owned land in Amboseli ecosystem i.e. increasing community participation in decision making to create an environment for sound land use planning; creating economic incentives for conserving wildlife; and reducing the cost of living with wildlife through implementing prudent measures to manage the escalating human-wildlife conflict. The aim of the Community Partnership and Education Programme is therefore to push for sustainable conservation of community land. In particular, the programme has six objectives that seek to address issues of land use planning, human-wildlife conflicts (HWC), environmental education, livestock improvement and increasing benefits accruing from natural resource management and use. Key management actions that will be implemented under this programme include supporting establishment of community wildlife conservation areas in the group ranches to safeguard wildlife corridors, rehabilitating and maintaining wildlife barriers, expanding the conflict consolation scheme to cover the entire ecosystem, improving livestock breeds, and establishing a Maasai Cultural Museum in Mbirikani Group ranch.

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